Cost of Living and Studying in Australia for International Students

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Australia is a dream destination for many due to its worldwide reputation, subject rankings, innovative technologies, quality lifestyle, and stable economy. But before you consider Australia your study destination, you must know the cost of studying in Australia and other associated expenses

To get an in-depth understanding of living costs in Australia for students, it is essential to know the associated costs. The roadmap of expenses begins from the application process to arriving in Australia.

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cost of studying in australia

Tuition Fees in Australia for International Students

The average yearly fees in Australia can vary depending on the courses (bachelor's/master’s or PhD). For example, a bachelor’s degree fee can range from $9,000 to $50,000, and a master’s degree fee can range from $9,000 to $54,000.


Annual Fees

Australian National University

$46,000 to $48,000

The University of Melbourne

$45,000 to $47,000

The University of Sydney

$50,000 to $54,000

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

$7,000 to $11,000

The University of Queensland

$2,900 to $3,500/ credit

Monash University

$37,000 to $45,000

The University of Western Australia (UWA)


The University of Adelaide 

$45,000 to $48,000

The University of Technology Sydney

$1,256 per credit

University of Wollongong (UOW)

$14,000/semester - $16,000/ Semester

International students can apply for education loans from nationalized banks, private banks, and non-bank financial companies to manage their costs better. However, the loan amount, interest rate, etc., can vary depending on duration, loan provider, etc. 

Accommodation Costs in Australia

Most Australian universities offer on-campus residence facilities. However, one can also apply for off-campus residence facilities to share with other students or stay alone with a local Australian family. The rent is paid every two weeks in advance. However, the rentals can vary from city to city. 

According to the Australian Government website, here is a breakdown of the weekly costs of the accommodation options. 

Accommodation Type

Cost per week

Hostels and Guesthouses

$90 to $150

Shared rental

$95 to $215

On campus

$110 to $280


$235 to $325


$185 to $440

Cost of Attendance in Australia

The cost of attendance in Australia involves your pre-arrival expenses and cost of living. The pre-arrival fees will come out to approximately $3,000, which includes your airfare, standardized exam charges, college application fees, and visa charges. 

On the other hand, the cost of living depends on the factors such as accommodation, commuting options, food, etc. Students can plan for short-term accommodations to minimize their living expenses. 

Living Expenses 

Australia’s annual student cost of living will come to around $35,000, which covers food, transport, grocery, accommodation, and other minimal expenses. Here is a breakdown of the living costs in Australia for students - 


Average cost per month



Food and Groceries

$208 -$416


$44 - $89

Household Bills

$20- $50



Cost of Australia Student Visa

Anyone studying abroad must have an Australian student visa, which costs $630.

Other Expenses

Health Insurance

$609 - $3438

Sufficient Fund Proof

$20,290/ yearly

Application fee payment


Study in Australia

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Living Costs in Australia FAQ

What is the cost of living in Australia for students?

The average cost of living in Australia for students annually is around $30,000 to $34,000, which is low compared to the cost of living in the UK and Canada. 

What is the cost of overseas student health coverage (OSHC)?

The cost of OSHC depends on the type of coverage you’ve selected. For singles, the minimum OSHC cover is $478/annually. However, for couples and family cover, it is $2600 and $4200 respectively. 

What is the average tuition fee for studying in Australia?

The tuition fee depends on the course, university, and duration you choose. However, the average tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree can range from $9,000 to $50,000, and a master’s degree can range from $9,000 to $54,000. 

Does the cost of studying UG and PG in Australia vary?

Yes, it varies because of the choice of course, duration, number of credit completions, and if applied for the scholarship program. 



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