Australia Aerospace Engineering Courses

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineers research and develop aircraft and its associated technologies. The subject is generally split into aeronautical engineering, concerned with atmospheric vehicles such as planes, and astronautic engineering, which focuses on aircraft and components which leave the atmosphere, such as satellites.

Aerospace Engineering modules cover a number of related disciplines, all of which are necessary to create a full engineering team. They include fluid mechanics, mathematics, software design, propulsion and materials science. An emphasis on technical and management skills, as well as maths, physics and fluid mechanics, means that other branches of engineering and research are open to graduates.

Graduate Aerospace Engineering Careers and Salary

Aerospace Engineering graduates find roles in areas such as aircraft and component design, aircraft manufacture, maintenance and testing, flight simulation, patent engineering, systems engineering and structures engineering.

Aerospace Engineering employment opportunities are available at a range of different companies involved in the design and manufacture of aircraft and associated aspects of the industry. Huge companies such as Rolls-Royce Engines, British Airways, Airbus, BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence constantly look at Australia Aerospace Engineering graduates when recruiting.

Where can I study Aerospace Engineering in Australia?

To learn more about the best Aerospace Engineering courses in Australia, find details on the top 10 ranking Engineering - Mechanical universities in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 below:

  1. University of New South Wales
  2. Monash University
  3. University of Melbourne
  4. University of Sydney
  5. University of Queensland
  6. RMIT University
  7. Australian National University
  8. Queensland University of Technology
  9. University of Adelaide
  10. University of Technology Sydney

Study Aerospace Engineering in Australia

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