Location Dubbo
Established 1833
Famous For Vocational Education


Technical and Further Education New South Wales is one of the leading providers of vocational education and training in New South Wales, Australia. With over 130 campuses spread across the state, TAFE NSW offers a wide range of courses and programs that are created to meet the needs of students, industry, and the community.

TAFE NSW provides practical and industry-relevant education and training programs in various fields, including business, hospitality, construction, information technology, creative arts, health, community services, and many more. Students can choose from short courses, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and associate degrees, allowing them to gain the necessary skills and qualifications for employment or further study in their chosen fields. The institution works closely with employers and industry professionals to develop programs that align with current industry trends and demands. TAFE NSW has a strong reputation for producing work-ready graduates who are highly sought after by employers.

Services for International Students

TAFE NSW is committed to providing comprehensive support services to help students succeed in their educational journey and achieve their goals. It has a dedicated Student Services staff who are available to assist students with a wide range of inquiries and concerns. TAFE NSW also offers academic support services to help students excel in their studies. Counselling services are given to support students' emotional and mental well-being, and career services assist students in developing their career pathways and preparing for the workforce. TAFE NSW provides specialized support services for international students, including assistance with visa matters, orientation programs, cultural adjustment support, and access to language and academic support programs. 


TAFE NSW does not generally provide on-campus accommodation options for students. However, as TAFE NSW has multiple campuses located across New South Wales, students have various options for finding accommodation in the vicinity of their chosen campus. They can choose to rent apartments, houses, or shared accommodations near their campus. Some TAFE NSW campuses may have partnerships with student accommodation providers or nearby student residences. Homestay is also a popular option among international students as it involves living with a local host family, which provides an opportunity to immerse in Australian culture and practice English language skills.

About Location

TAFE NSW is a decentralized vocational education and training provider with multiple campuses located throughout New South Wales, Australia. The institute has numerous campuses spread across metropolitan areas, regional centres, and rural locations across the state. Some of the campuses are located in Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Region, Hamilton, Wollongong, South Coast Region, and several rural areas. The campuses vary in terms of amenities, transportation options, and community facilities. Students can generally find a range of services and facilities in close proximity to the campuses, including shopping centres, libraries, public transport links, and recreational spaces. The areas are generally well-connected by public transport, allowing them to easily commute to and from their campus.

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