Alphacrucis University College

Location Adelaide
Established 1948
Famous For Multidisciplinary Christian University College


Alphacrucis University College in Australia is a Christian University College that offers courses across disciplines such as theology, business, education, and social sciences, The university college fosters a welcoming environment for its student body, with a typical enrollment showcasing a vibrant mix of domestic and international students. Alphacrucis is unique for its commitment to integrating faith-based values into education, providing a distinctive learning and personal development perspective.

Alphacrucis University College Highlights

  • 95% Undergraduate Satisfaction
  • 1st in Postgraduate Educational Experience
  • All AC Courses: 100% Flexible**

Alphacrucis University College (has established robust partnerships to facilitate opportunities for its graduates. Prospective students can expect to acquire practical experience throughout their courses, with the support of the university's staff in forging connections with prominent industry and community networks. AC's array of partners encompasses organizations such as Assemblies of God New Zealand, Fearless Movement, AC Australian Christian Churches, Chaplaincy New Zealand, Chaplaincy Australia, Australian Counselling Association, and the Asia Pacific Theological Association, among others.

Services for International Students

The International Student Services team assists students with visa applications, orientation programs, and overall integration into the Australian academic and cultural landscape. The team ensures a smooth transition for international students and provides ongoing support throughout their academic journey.


Accommodation for international students at Alphacrucis University College includes modern and comfortable living spaces. These include Alphacrucis Apartments and Unity Hall, which provide students with secure and convenient housing options. These accommodations are strategically located to facilitate easy access to the university campus and other essential amenities, offering international students a conducive study and personal growth environment.

About Location

Situated in various locations across Australia, including Sydney and Brisbane, Alphacrucis University College provides international students with a choice of vibrant and cosmopolitan settings. Campuses feature state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, libraries, and recreational spaces.

The local areas surrounding the campuses offer diverse cultural experiences, entertainment options, and recreational activities for international students to explore and enjoy. Additionally, convenient access to public transportation ensures ease of travel within the city. The proximity to major airports, such as Sydney Airport and Brisbane Airport, further enhances accessibility for international students arriving and departing from these locations.

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