TAFE South Australia

Location Tonsley
Established 2012
Famous For Industry-focused educational programs


TAFE South Australia is a vocational education and training provider that is located in the state of South Australia. It was established in 1971 and has a long-standing history and reputation for providing industry-focused courses and programs that equip students with practical skills and knowledge. TAFE South Australia comprises multiple campuses spread across various regions, catering to the diverse needs and interests of students. 

The institute offers programs in areas such as business, information technology, hospitality, engineering, health sciences, creative arts, and more and many of these courses have been designed in collaboration with industry partners, ensuring they align with current industry standards and provide relevant skills for the job market. One of the key strengths of TAFE South Australia is its strong emphasis on hands-on, practical learning, which is possible as students have access to modern facilities, industry-standard training equipment, and work environments that simulate real-world workplaces. 

Services for International Students

TAFE South Australia is committed to providing comprehensive support services to ensure that students get a successful learning experience. Learning support services are given to students to help them enhance their academic skills and includes assistance with essay writing, research skills, time management, and effective study strategies. The institute has professional counsellors who offer confidential counselling services to students. TAFE South Australia offers a range of support services that are specifically tailored to the needs of international students, and career development services are there to assist students in their transition from study to employment. TAFE South Australia encourages student engagement and provides opportunities for students to participate in various clubs, societies, and activities. 


TAFE South Australia does not provide on-campus accommodation directly, but there are various accommodation options available to students. TAFE South Australia's student support services can provide guidance, resources, and assistance in finding suitable accommodation options. Students can rent private accommodation, such as apartments or houses, or also go for shared accommodation. There are private companies as well that offer purpose-built student accommodation near various TAFE campuses. Homestay is also a popular arrangement where students live with a local host family and get the opportunity to experience Australian culture, practice English, and have a supportive environment. 

About Location

TAFE South Australia is located across various campuses in different regions of South Australia. Some of the main campuses are located in Adelaide, Regency, Salisbury, and Port Adelaide, among other places. Many of the surrounding areas of TAFE South Australia's campuses provide a diverse range of experiences for students. Depending on the campus location, students can enjoy the convenience of urban amenities, the tranquillity of residential neighbourhoods, or the charm of historical and waterfront areas. Students can expect to find a supportive and engaging learning environment with access to various services and facilities to enhance their educational journey.

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