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If you want to study abroad, Adelaide is the world's third most popular and livable city, per the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) rankings. It is the only place in South Australia with three top-ranking universities and a reputation for being affordable for international students.

Adelaide is not merely a destination but also an excellent educational experience combining academic excellence with personal development. Learn more about Adelaide's universities, colleges, and standard of living for international students below. To apply to study in Australia, arrange a free consultation with SI-Australia today.

why study in adelaide international student

Why Study in Adelaide?

Adelaide is South Australia's capital and the world's fifth-most populated city. It is also the perfect destination for international students; every year, students from 130+ countries come here to study.

1. Globally-Ranked Universities

Adelaide offers world-class education and is home to three state universities ranked in the top 2% worldwide. The city also offers many opportunities to international students, offering quality education and work opportunities. You can opt for courses like bachelor’s, master’s, and research programs in various specialisations. Adelaide universities also provide vocational studies to hone your skills and pathway programs to find an alternative way to upgrade your education. 

2. Low Cost of Living

Adelaide is Australia’s most affordable capital city and has the lowest average rent compared to other places in Australia. The city offers low rent, transportation charges, and food expenses without compromising your lifestyle. 

3. Internship and Employability Opportunities

Adelaide, Australia, has various industries offering international students part-time and full-time work opportunities. Australian universities provide multiple internship opportunities during their academic year to provide you with the desired skills and knowledge required for a successful career path. Part-time work includes tutoring, working in cafes, bars, department stores, and sales. 

4. Rich in Food and Culture

If you are a big-time foodie and love exploring arts and creative places, studying in Adelaide can be your best place. Adelaide is home to over 900 restaurants and pubs, claiming to be called a “foodie’s paradise.” Being a part of the UNESCO Creative City, Adelaide has the most renowned world-class art scene, cultural heritage museums, and vibrant city attractions. 

5. Health and Safety

Adelaide has an excellent reputation and provides high-quality living. It is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, making it one of the safest cities for international students. Adelaide has the world’s best healthcare system, with special health insurance coverage for international students called “Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).”

Universities and Colleges in Adelaide

Adelaide universities are ranked within the top 2% in the world and have produced many Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars in various fields. It is home to three public universities and one private university offering quality business, science, arts, and technology education. Here are the best universities in Adelaide known for their academic excellence and career opportunities.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a public research university established in 1874 in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the third oldest university in Australia, intending to deliver education and research of the highest value and impact. The university ranks 73rd in the US News Best Global Universities Rankings, 82nd in the QS World University Rankings 2025, and 5th in the Australian Financial Review’s Best Universities Rankings. Being recognised as one of Australia’s most respected research-intensive universities, the university offers various courses in law, engineering, business, and mental health. 

Flinder’s University

Flinder’s University is a modern public university in Adelaide that aims to create a focused, progressive, and career-oriented environment for students. Ranking 43rd in the Asia Pacific and 271th globally, the university seeks to expand its global reach through internal collaborations in research and education and to continue actively engaging with businesses, industries, and communities worldwide. International students can opt for business, creative arts, information technology, humanities, science, and public health courses.

Torren’s University Australia

Established in 1961, Torren’s University is an international private university and vocational-registered training organisation in Australia. According to the QILT Student Experience Survey 2022, the university ranks 10th for teaching quality. What’s unique about the university is its fresh approach to learning, specially curated with hands-on training, expert industry lectures, and state-of-the-art facilities to accelerate your career. Some popular courses include arts and humanities, health, design, and hospitality.

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is a public research university established in 1856 in South Australia and is a founding member of the Australian Technology Network of Universities. UniSA is committed to educating, creating, and preparing global learners from all backgrounds, implementing professional skills and knowledge for lifelong learning. The university ranks 1st in South Australia for graduate full-time employment, according to the Good Universities Guide 2024. In addition, it has received global recognition for courses like sports science, business, nursing, and computer science. 

Other Institutes in Adelaide

Besides top-ranking universities, Adelaide has many colleges and institutes that offer industry-focused courses and programs, such as:

Popular Courses to Study in Adelaide

From early learning to vocational education to higher education, Adelaide’s universities and institutions meet the highest standards guaranteed by the Australian Government Education Framework. 


Popular Courses

Flinder’s University

Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Accounting, Master of Business, and Master of Information Technology

University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience), Master of Data Science, and Master of Viticulture and Oenology

University of South Australia (UniSA)

Bachelor of Aviation, Master of Architecture, and Bachelor of Digital Business

TAFE South Australia

Diploma in Automotive Technology and Diploma of Information Technology

Torren’s University Australia

Master of Global Project, Master of Business Information Systems, and Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)

Student Life in Adelaide

Adelaide is an excellent place to live and study. It has a wide range of educational institutions and universities, making finding the best course according to your interests. As an international student, Adelaide offers plenty of activities to fit your schedule or bucket list. Besides your academics, you can explore the city’s stunning architecture, walk on the beach, or enjoy a day at the zoo. 

Here are a few must-experience Adelaide attractions:

Living Costs in Adelaide for International Students

Adelaide is 12% more affordable than any other Australian university and has the lowest average rent in the country.


Weekly expenses

Rent (shared)

$300 - $600 

Utility Bill (shared)

$45 - $50



Phone and Internet


Public Transport




Accommodation Weekly Costs

Residential College

$500 weekly

Student Accommodation

$300 - $600 weekly

Renting a room

$250 - $300 weekly

Career Opportunities After Studying in Adelaide

Australia has a wide range of industries that offer part-time and casual employment. All international workers have the same rights and responsibilities as all other workers in Australia. Part-time employment is another way to manage expenses, meet new people, and gain skills and knowledge in an Australian workplace. It is an excellent way to balance your work with study. 

Graduates from Adelaide universities can take internships or get full-time jobs as software developers, database engineers, consulting analysts, and management trainees with an average salary between $65,000 - $80,000 annually. 

Study in Adelaide

If you want to study in Adelaide, Australia, you can give yourself the best chance of successfully applying by arranging a free consultation with SI-Global today. 

Universities featured in this article:

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  • University of Adelaide
  • Torrens University Australia
  • Flinders University
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