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Australia is one of the fastest-growing study destinations in the world, with approximately 1,100 institutions and 43 universities, giving it a ranking of third in the world for its quality. According to a report released by International Student Data, almost 600,000 students choose Australia because of its many leading courses.

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Popular Courses in Australia for International Students

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Australia is considered one of the top courses to study for fresh graduates, as it opens the door to the corporate world. It is an umbrella course with many sub-domains, such as marketing, international business, information management, etc. The MBA program in Australia offers multiple opportunities to connect with leading marketing professionals. The courses are available for full and part-time, and students can choose at their convenience.

According to the AFR Boss Best Business Schools 2023 ranking, the University of New South Wales has retained the top spot, followed by Edith Cowan University.

Best MBA universities in Australia

Accounting and Finance

Accountancy and finance provide a wide range of options in education and employment. The course focuses on practical skills, such as financial reporting, budgeting, taxation, etc. It is one of the growing sectors across the country, so if you are interested in taking an accounting course in Australia, it will be a wise choice. UNSW Sydney ranks #21 for accounting and finance among 18 Australian universities.

Best Accounting and Finance universities in Australia


Nursing is a gratifying career in Australia, as there has been a massive demand for healthcare professionals since COVID-19. The profession will give you many opportunities, as it is more intriguing, demanding, and impacts people’s lives. So, if you plan to opt for the program, the nursing courses in Australia are available as undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. 

According to the reports, a licensed nurse in Australia makes an average salary of $73,000 annually. Besides, there are many other career options available. 

Best Nursing Universities in Australia

Computer and Information Technology

The IT course is one of the best courses in Australia for international students, as it is a tech-savvy country. Computer science and IT graduates in Australia can possess solid analytical and problem-solving skills, which are always in demand. 

Top Computer and Information Technology Universities in Australia

Agriculture Science

Agriculture Science is a part of the STEM curriculum that primarily focuses on the ways and procedures to boost crop yields. They concentrate on reducing the damage and risk caused by insects and parasites, increasing farming productivity, and creating the best technology to improve food quality.

The curriculum comprises economic and social science solely practised in agriculture. Currently, soil science, horticulture, and agriculture biotechnology are a few of the best courses in Australia. The University of Queensland ranks #1 for its agriculture and forestry courses in Australia. 

Top Agriculture Science Universities in Australia

Other Popular Courses in Australia

Here are some other renowned courses that are in high demand in Australia -

Permanent Residency Courses in Australia

Students who want to study in Australia and settle can apply for PR (permanent residency). There is no hard and fast rule that applicants with particular knowledge are eligible to apply for the program. The following courses in Australia have proven best for obtaining permanent residence.

Program Duration in Australia

International students can enrol in different courses after a high school diploma.

Course Duration
Foundation One year
Vocational Training and Education Six months to one year
Undergraduate Three years
Postgraduate Four years

Best Courses in Australia FAQ

Which degree is best for PR in Australia?

Computer science, engineering, midwifery, trade-related, and accountancy courses are best for permanent residency eligibility. 

Which job pays the most in Australia?

CEO, Managing Director, Medical Practioner, Mining Engineer, etc., are some of the high-paying jobs in Australia. One must meet the required eligibility criteria to become eligible for these positions. 

How do I choose the right course that aligns with my career goals?

Choosing the right career is the most crucial decision for the future. The factors one must consider while choosing the right career path -

Are there scholarships or financial aid options available for international students?

Yes, Australia offers many scholarships and financial aid to international students. The scholarships are categorised into - government-funded, university-specific, and private scholarships. Fully funded scholarships are also available for students with excellent academic records.

What is the process for applying to Australian universities as an international student?

International students can apply directly to Australian universities by post or online. Please wait for the acceptance letter and accept it once you receive it. After obtaining, apply for a student visa and organise for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and arrange for accommodation till the commencement of your academic session.

Universities featured in this article:

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  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University
  • La Trobe University
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