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An MBA from Australia equips Indian students with globally recognized qualifications, advanced business knowledge, and practical skills essential for success in today's competitive business landscape.

One of the primary reasons Indian students choose to pursue an MBA in Australia is the excellent reputation of its business schools. Several Australian universities consistently rank among the top institutions globally for business education, emphasizing practical learning through case studies, group projects, and industry internships, providing students with real-world experience and networking opportunities.

Among Australia's leading business schools for Indian students, the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at the University of New South Wales stands out, as does the Melbourne Business School (MBS) at the University of Melbourne. The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at the University of Sydney is highly regarded for its MBA program.

For Indian students considering an MBA in Australia, these leading business schools highlighted and those below offer a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Types of MBA in Australia

- Full-Time MBA

A full-time MBA is a general management degree that gives students a detailed understanding of how a business operates and how business leaders rise to meet challenges. The program lasts around two years and comprises core and elective options to gain specialization in a particular area of interest. 

- Part-Time MBA

A part-time MBA, or PGDM, usually lasts two to three years. It consists of 12 units of study: an integrated core of seven units, an industry capstone unit, and up to four elective units. The program is mainly designed for working professionals. 

- Executive MBA

An Executive MBA (EMBA) program enables executives to earn a degree while continuing their existing jobs. It is tailored for experienced managers and executives to provide deeper knowledge about business and strategy. The course duration of EMBA in Australia can be around 12 to 24 months. Australian universities offer EMBA full-time, part-time, electives, additional courses, and internship opportunities.

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Popular MBA Specialisations in Australia

There are a range of MBA specialisations available in Australia for Indian students.

MBA in Media Management

MBA in Banking

MBA in Human Resources

MBA in International Business

MBA in Productions

MBA in Agribusiness

MBA in Computer Science

MBA in Logistics

MBA in Data Analytics

MBA in Airport Management

MBA in Aviation Management

MBA in Information Technology

MBA in Agriculture

MBA in Logistics and Supply Management

MBA in Communication

MBA in Insurance and Risk Management

MBA in Healthcare

MBA in Operations

MBA Colleges in Australia for Indian Students

MBA University

QS Global Ranking 2024

Average MBA Fees

The University of Melbourne


$106,650 | INR 5776409.91

University of New South Wales


$25,000 | INR 1354057.64

Australian National University


$46,680 | INR 2528296.43

Monash University


$53,000 | INR 2870602.21

The University of Queensland


$84,648 | INR 4584730.86

The University of Western Australia


$54,300 | INR 2941013.20

University of Adelaide


$48,500 | INR 2626871.83

Macquarie University


$27,200 | INR 1473214.72

RMIT University


$41,176 | INR 2230187.10

Deakin University


$41,176 | INR 2230187.10

Western Sydney University


$24,505 | INR 1327247.30

Victoria University


$37,600 | INR 2036502.70

Admission Intakes

There are mainly three phases of MBA admission intakes in Australia throughout the year:

MBA Eligibility in Australia for Indian Students

Meeting the eligibility criteria is essential to the Australian admission process. There are several requirements a student must meet to be eligible for MBA programs in Australia. For Indian students, a good score on the GRE/GMAT with work experience is highly recommended. Here are some basic eligibility criteria for Indian students for MBA in Australia. 

However, some universities do not consider GMAT scores or require work experience. The eligibility criteria might vary depending on the university you are applying to.

Australian universities are classified into three major groups based on their admission requirements. 

MBA Fees in Australia for Indian Students

Australia's average MBA course fee is $21,041, around INR 1141739.37 annually.


Popular Course Specialisation

Average fees

Deakin University

MBA in Business Analytics

$41,176 | INR 2230187.10

Melbourne Institute of Technology

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

$14,600 | INR 792205.54

Monash University

MBA in International Business

$53,000 | INR 2870602.21

The University of Queensland

Master of Business Administration

$84,648 | INR 4584730.86

The University of Western Australia

Master of Business Administration

$54,300 | INR 2941013.20

MBA Scholarships in Australia for Indian Students

Here is the list of different MBA scholarships for Indian students in Australia:


University Name

Award value

MBA Student Scholarship

University of Queensland

25% reduction in tuition fees

Kraft Heinz Scholarship

University of Melbourne


ANU College of Business and Economics India Excellence Scholarship

Australian National University

Upto $6000

MBA Global International Student Scholarship

University of Newcastle


CEG Scholarship

University of Queensland

20% off in tuition fees

Cost of MBA in Australia for Indian Students

Australia is known for its diverse and multicultural community. You need to spend a decent amount of money to stay in the top-tier cities of Australia. However, you can also opt for an affordable cost of living, roughly around $1500 to $2600 (INR 81364.63 to 141032.02) annually. Here is a rough breakdown of expenses that you can spend in Australia -

Hostels and rentals

$100 weekly (INR 2454.31)

Food and beverages

$150 weekly (INR 8136.46)

Public Transport

$30 to $60 (INR 1627 to INR 3254)

Entertainment and other lifestyle costs

$80 (INR 4339.45)


$70 to $120 (INR 3797 to INR 6509.17)


$200 monthly ( INR 10848.62)


$500 to $1000 (INR 27121.54 to INR 54243.08)

Jobs After MBA in Australia

MBA graduates in Australia are in demand in different domains, such as finance, healthcare, technology, marketing, and manufacturing. The average salary of an MBA in Australia is around $108,544 annually. Entry-level positions start at $90,053 yearly; the most experienced employers earn around $163,606 annually. Here is the list of job roles with their average payscale in Australia. 

Job role

Leading recruiters

Average Salary

Operations Manager



Marketing Manager

Westpac Banking Corporation


Category Management

Woolworths Supermarkets



The Alternative Board of Australia


Sales Consultant

Simonds Home


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