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Permanent residency (PR) is a popular visa category that allows international applicants to live, work, and settle in Australia with their families. The Australian Permanent Visa has multiple categories, divided based on the requirements. Here are different visa categories for Australian PR. 

Australia is one of the most in-demand study-abroad destinations in the world, home to 43 universities, of which 37 are public, four are private, and two are international private universities. In addition, Australia has the 12th-biggest economy in the world and the fifth-most notable per-capita income. It is also a member of the United Nations, G20, Commonwealth of Nations, World Trade Organisation, the Pacific Island Forum, etc. 

Through the PR courses in Australia, international students will be privileged to reside in a foreign country under permanent residence status. However, only some courses lead to PR eligibility. 

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What is the PR System in Australia?

A work visa is the most credible option for moving to Australia on a student visa. However, there are multiple sub-classes under this visa category. The Australian PR Visa system is only available through invitation. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship shortlists applicants based on a point-based system and invites them to submit a PR visa application. In addition, occupation also plays a vital role as it adds value to the PR visa point table. 

PR Courses in Australia 2024

Students who aim to study and settle in Australia must apply for PR. There is no hard and fast rule that applicants with a specific knowledge of a particular subject are only eligible for PR in Australia. The following are the PR courses in Australia that are highly demanding and proven to be beneficial:

List of PR Courses in Australia 2024

Here is the list of top PR courses in Australia with possible job role opportunities after graduation -

Top PR Courses

Job Opportunities 


Accountants and finance managers 


Business analysts, project managers, HR business partners, sales managers, etc. 


Mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, civil engineers, etc.


Midwifery, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, etc. 


Vocational education teacher, primary teacher, special needs teacher

Building and Construction

Bricklayer, construction estimator, roof tier, etc. 

Trade qualifications

Air-conditioning plumber, carpenter, roof plumber, etc. 

Benefits of PR Courses in Australia

Permanent residency courses in Australia, international students will be privileged to reside in a foreign country under permanent residence status.

1. Skilled Migration Pathways

Australia has the 12th-biggest economy in the world and the fifth-most notable per-capita income. This shows that Australia has a skilled workforce and courses that allow individuals to hone specific skills and knowledge in high-demand fields, such as engineering, trading, education, etc. Thus, you have a high chance of meeting the eligibility requirements for skilled migration. 

2. Points for Permanent Residency

The Australian Immigration System uses a point-based system for skilled migration. Hence, once you complete a course, you receive points that show competency and make you a strong candidate for a desired career profile and permanent residency. 

3. Enjoy the Work-Life Culture of Australia

The permanent residency courses in Australia require applicants to have work experience in Australia. Studying in Australia allows you to gain experience and skills that can be helpful and make you an attractive candidate for permanent residency. 

4. Networking Opportunities

Being a permanent resident in Australia will help you build network and professional connections. Networking is vital when seeking employment and essential when applying for permanent residency. 

5. Cultural Integration

Living in Australia and experiencing the heritage and local culture can be beneficial when applying for permanent residency. It demonstrates your ability to integrate into Australian society, a factor considered in most immigration programs. 

6. Post-Study Work Opportunities

Australia offers post-study work visas to students that allow graduates to work there for a specific duration after completing their studies. It can be beneficial as you gain work experience, which may contribute to your eligibility for permanent residency. 

Changes to 485 Visa Duration

The Australian government has announced a few changes to the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for higher education students, leading to an extended stay for eligible graduates for two years. The extension applies to those applicants who hold a bachelor’s or any higher degree in skill shortage areas, as determined by a working group. 

Study a PR Course in Australia

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