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Canberra is the vibrant federal capital of Australia, renowned for its affordability and exceptional quality of life. Canberra is an ideal destination for international students, and this dynamic city blends world-class education with a rich cultural tapestry to offer a unique experience.

Canberra is home to the prestigious Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra, which provide various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes. Whether passionate about arts and humanities, engineering, healthcare, biotechnology, architecture, or business, you'll find a course to ignite your academic journey. From top-tier education to an immersive cultural experience, discover why studying in Canberra is an adventure.

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Why Study in Canberra?

Canberra is Australia’s capital city. It has an exciting capital life and a global reputation for its academic excellence, research, and graduate outcomes. Here are the top reasons why you should choose to study in Canberra. 

1. World-Class Education

Canberra is known for its academic excellence. According to the 2023 Good Universities Guide, it has retained its five-star rating for quality teaching, placing it in the top 20 per cent of Australian universities.

2. Home to Top Universities

Canberra has top-class universities with modern facilities, practical skills assessments, unique course programs, and placement opportunities. They have the most extensive free public wi-fi installed on the campus to serve its students. 

3. Job Opportunities

With the lowest employment rates and highest average payscale, Canberra offers plenty of work opportunities to students after graduation. 

4. Wide Range of Accommodation

Canberra has large on-campus accommodation facilities for international students in Australia, making international students' lives easier. The campuses and cities are well-planned with a clean and sustainable environment. 

5. Lifestyle

Canberra has an enviable lifestyle with amazing nightlife, libraries, museums, and galleries. If you are an adventure freak, you can hike, go for bike rides, and see different places nearby, all within a one-hour drive from the city centre. 

Colleges and Universities in Canberra

Canberra is a vibrant and safe city with the lowest crime rates in Australia. It offers several amenities to students and exciting places to visit. With thousands of courses in private and public schools and educational institutions, the Australian education system caters to all international students' requirements. 

- Australian National University

Established in 1946, Australian National University (ANU) is a public research university in Canberra, Australia. The university is known for its postgraduate courses and research facilities. It is the only university in the Parliament of Australia with the highest placement rates. Ranking 34th in the QS University World Rankings 2024, the university is one of the top public universities in Canberra. 

- University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is a public research university established in 1967 in Canberra, Australia. This leading higher education institution focuses on community health and drives exciting new frontiers of technology and science. With a QS 2024 Ranking of 241st, the university delivers subjects in five core study areas: art and design, government and law, education, health and sport, and science and technology. 

- Canberra Institute of Technology

Canberra Institute of Technology is a vocational education provider established in 1928 with five campuses in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The institute offers small classes with world-class facilities, practical learning, and industry placement opportunities. CIT provides programs and courses designed to meet the changing needs of business and industry. The institute aims to create individuals who can develop a skilled community. 

- The University of New South Wales

Established in 1949, UNSW is the first Australian university founded by startup founders. The university is a world-leading teaching and research powerhouse recognised by employers and organisations. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, UNSW ranks in the top 20 universities worldwide. International students can benefit from their careers by pursuing engineering, arts, design, architecture, law, and medicine programs. UNSW research applicants can get access to a range of industry programs to strengthen their career opportunities and network.  

Popular Courses to Study in Canberra

The Canberra, Australia, courses are based on the Australian Education System. Lectures are taught in English in small batches so students can make their fundamentals clear and robust. Here is a list of popular fields to study in Canberra -

Student Life in Canberra

As Australia's national capital, Canberra has the power to surprise people with great food, culture, lifestyle, free street wifi, art, e-scooters and a warm welcome to all students. The city ranks as the world’s most liveable city and region. It has also been ranked among the world’s top 20 student cities and 3rd best in travel and tourism. It provides a high-quality lifestyle for income, jobs, education, health, and housing. 

Many free attractions in Canberra offer adventure activities, such as hiking, sailing, fishing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. If you are a music and art lover, then here are some hidden gems that you must check out -

Living Expenses in Canberra

Living expenses for international students in Canberra can vary depending on lifestyle, accommodation choices, and personal spending habits. Here are some typical costs:

Career Opportunities After Studying in Canberra

Canberra has the finest educated workforce in Australia, with an unemployment rate of 5%. The place offers many employment opportunities to students in fields such as business, education, health, and management. According to studies, Canberra is expected to have 242,300 jobs by 2024, a 6% growth. Other sectors can expect a growth rate of the following-

Study in Canberra

If you want to study in Canberra, you can give yourself the best chance of successfully applying by arranging a free consultation with SI-Global today. 

Universities featured in this article:

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  • University of Canberra
  • Canberra Institute of Technology
  • University of New South Wales
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