Studying Agriculture in Australia

Introduction to studying an agriculture degree

Agriculture degrees in Australia cover various modules, including agronomy, livestock management, agricultural economics, and sustainable farming practices. Students gain hands-on experience through practical fieldwork and have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies of modern farm settings. Australia's unique climate and vast agricultural landscapes provide an ideal environment for students to understand diverse agricultural practices and develop a holistic perspective on the industry.

Graduates from Australian agriculture programs often find employment opportunities across various sectors, including agribusiness, research and development, government agencies, and environmental consulting firms. The agriculture sector in Australia is vital to the nation's economy, and the demand for skilled professionals in precision farming, agribusiness management, and sustainable agriculture continues to grow.

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Types of Agriculture Degrees

Australian universities offer agriculture degree programs at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels that focus on building basic knowledge and skills.

Diploma in Agriculture

A diploma in agriculture is a short-term degree program that trains you with vital agricultural skills and practical techniques, such as product planning, budgeting, climate risk management, animal husbandry, and long-term crop management. You can work with the latest agricultural technology during the coursework and gain real-world on-farm experience. 

Graduates in agriculture diploma programs can enter various opportunities within the rural production industry and agribusiness enterprises, such as stock agents, farm managers, and farm operators. 

Bachelor of Agriculture

The Bachelor of Agriculture program is Australia’s most sought-after undergraduate degree program. During the course, you will develop a foundational knowledge of plant and animal sciences, agribusiness, land and soil management, and sustainable agricultural practices. You will also discover the leading technologies, business practices, and technologies transforming agriculture and enhancing global food security. 

In the coursework, you will gain theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of the challenges through real-case studies. The subjects and topics covered include agronomy, animal health and science, agricultural systems, plant, land, and soil management. 

Master of Agricultural Sciences

A master’s of agriculture is a postgraduate course that helps you develop advanced skills and knowledge regarding fundamental and applied agriculture science to solve global issues. The postgraduate courses in agricultural science are available in various specialisations, such as food sustainability, animal science, agribusiness, and crop and soil sciences. 

In the final year, you will complete a research project or internship as a part of your degree, helping to develop the experience and knowledge needed in the agricultural industry. The research project option gives a pathway to PhD studies or into careers in agribusiness, crop and soil specialisation, and food sustainability. 


Many Agricultural colleges in Australia offer scholarships and financial support to students based on different factors, such as academic performance and finance. Here are some top scholarships available for agricultural science -

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Destination Australia scholarship

Australian government


La Trobe High Achiever Scholarship

La Trobe University

25% off on tuition fees

UNE International Postgraduate Research Award (IPRA)

University of New England


Jobs and Careers

The agriculture courses in Australia for international students open career opportunities in various fields that can lead to successful careers in agriculture. As per the Statista reports, the global agriculture market is projected to grow by 5.56% in 2024-28, resulting in a market volume of $4.86tn in 2028. Therefore, agriculture graduates can expect a promising career in the field. Some popular career options include agronomist, soil scientist, animal health and welfare officer, agricultural scientist, farm operator, and food auditor. 


The average agriculture salary of an agricultural graduate can range from $56,000 to $97,000 annually, depending on the skills, qualifications, and experience. A fresher can expect to earn around $82,603 annually, while an experienced employee in the agricultural field can make up to $143,523 annually. 

Top Universities for Agriculture in Australia

To learn more about the agriculture universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Agriculture programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


The University of Queensland



The University of Melbourne



The University of Western Australia



Australian National University



The University of Sydney



The University of Adelaide



The University of New South Wales



James Cook University



Monash University



University of Tasmania


Study Agriculture in Australia

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What is the cost of studying at an agriculture university in Australia?

The cost of studying agriculture at Australian universities can vary depending on the degree and specialisation you are applying for. For a bachelor’s, the first-year program fee can be around $41,500 to $55,000.

On the other hand, a master’s degree course in agriculture can be around $49,120 to $67,550. 

What are the eligibility criteria for admission into an agriculture university in Australia?

To meet the requirements for admission into an agriculture university in Australia, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. The admission requirements for each degree are different. However, you must have excellent academic performance with IELTS/TOEFL minimum score. 

Which is the best agriculture university in Australia?

According to the QS Subject Rankings 2023, the top three universities for agriculture courses are The University of Queensland, The University of Melbourne, and The University of Western Australia. 

Which is the best agriculture program in Australia?

BSc in agriculture and Master’s in agriculture are the most popular courses in Australia under the agricultural program. 

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