Studying American Studies in Australia

Introduction to studying an American studies degree

American Studies programs in Australia provide an interdisciplinary approach to studying American culture, history, literature, politics, and society. In an Australian American Studies program, students can expect to explore topics such as U.S. history, American literature, cultural studies, political science, and sociology, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the United States from various perspectives. The curriculum often incorporates critical analysis, research skills, and exploring the historical and contemporary issues that shape American society.

Upon completing an American Studies degree in Australia, graduates may pursue careers in education, journalism, international relations, cultural analysis, or public policy.

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Types of American Studies Degrees

Diploma in Arts (American Studies)

The Diploma in American Studies is a short-term program that offers students a comprehensive understanding of American culture, history, society, politics, and economics. The course explores the various aspects of American life, including literature, art, film, sociology, and anthropology. 

During the coursework, you will develop critical thinking and analytical skills through studying American culture and its impact on the world. Graduates with American studies degrees can pursue careers in different fields, including business, law, economics, and arts. 

Bachelor’s in American Studies (Majors)

The Bachelor’s in American Studies is an undergraduate course that examines U.S. history, culture, society, law, foreign policy and economics. The course curriculum provides multi-faceted knowledge of this complex, diverse, and dynamic nation and its relationship to the broader world. 

During the program, you will be challenged to think critically and creatively about the construction and meaning of American identity and power while developing thorough research that spans the humanities and social sciences. Graduates of American degree programs can enter careers such as policy analyst, public service positions, journalist, publisher, and marketing. 

Bachelor’s in American Studies (Hons)

It is an undergraduate program specialising in American studies. The honours program aims to educate students about American history, society, and culture. The curriculum covers various subjects, including American literature, politics, economics, and arts. You will also have the opportunity to study the history of race, gender, and other social issues that have shaped American society. 

The final year of the degree comprises an American studies seminar and an 18,000 to 20,000-word thesis, which also works as an independent project that prepares you for the workforce. The Hons degree in the subject is a great pathway to a Ph.D. in American Studies. 

Graduates can also find work in policy development, private business, tourism, and foreign affairs. 

Master’s in American Studies

A master’s degree in Native American studies trains you to explore a broad field of American society and culture. You can opt for specialised courses, such as ethnic and multicultural studies in the American culture. The curriculum involves practical skills, theoretical insights, and comprehensive knowledge of diverse fields of American studies, followed by a thesis. Graduates can get employed at various levels of government, business media, publishing, diplomacy, international relations, and tourism. 


Various scholarships are available for international students willing to study in Australia. The Australian government and universities provide these scholarships and financial aid. Here is the list of the available scholarships in Australia for American Studies courses-

Scholarship name 

Offered by

Award value

American Studies Honours Scholarship

United States Studies Centre - The University of Sydney


Global Excellence Scholarships

The University of Western Australia


Jobs and Careers

Graduates in American Studies can find employment in many fields, gaining experience while studying. Marketing, social media, and administrative roles are popular and beneficial skills that can be included in your CV. Studying an American Studies course in Australia will teach you to learn and view things from a different perspective and develop a wide range of skills, such as communication, critical thinking, and a comprehensive understanding of social, political, and economic issues. 

Graduates can also enrol for postgraduate or research degrees to explore further. Some demanding American Studies Careers are business and government consultant, journalist, publisher, researcher, marketer, policy analyst, and international relations. 


The average salary of graduates in American degree programs can range from  $72,512- $90,800 annually, depending on skills, educational qualifications, and experience. Graduates at entry-level positions can make up to $72,550 annually, while students with more than six years of experience earn around $128,620 annually. 

Top Universities for American Studies in Australia

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Why study American Studies in Australia?

American studies in Australia allow you to learn about American culture, history, economy, and political scenarios. Also, graduating from the course enables you to get into many career fields like government organisations, law, and 

How long does it take to complete a degree in American Studies?

A bachelor’s degree usually takes around three years to complete, while a master’s degree takes around two years. 

What is the cost of tuition, and are there scholarships available?

The course fees for diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees can range from $30,000 to $55,000. Australian universities also offer scholarships to international students based on their academic performance and financial need. 

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