Animation Degrees in Australia

Introduction to studying an animation degree

Pursuing an nnimation degree in Australia as an international student offers a dynamic exploration of animation production's creative and technical aspects. Typically spanning three to four years, the program covers modules including 2D and 3D animation, character design, storyboarding, digital modelling, and animation production techniques. Students often have opportunities to engage in practical projects, gaining hands-on experience using industry-standard animation software and technology.

An animation degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of animation principles, storytelling, and technical skills necessary for success in the industry. Animation degree graduates from Australia find diverse career prospects in animation studios, film and television production companies, game development studios, advertising agencies, and digital media firms. Typical roles include animators, character designers, storyboard artists, and visual effects specialists.

The program's emphasis on artistic and technical skills equips graduates to contribute to the animation production process. Australia's growing reputation as a hub for digital creativity and innovation also provides graduates with opportunities for international collaborations and exposure.

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Types of Animation Degrees in Australia

Diploma in Animation

A diploma in animation equips you with basic 3D principles and practice knowledge. During the course, you will also study the basics, such as rigging, modelling, animation, texturing, and composition. In the course, you will develop a portfolio where you can exhibit your creative potential to help you start your career in design and learn to work with software such as Adobe Creative Cloud Pro Licence, Houdini, and Synfig. After completing a diploma in animation, you can find opportunities within a dedicated film, broadcast production, or game studio environment as a concept artist, animator, 3D Game Artist, and 3D Modeler. 

Bachelor’s of Animation

A bachelor’s of animation is an undergraduate degree that plays a significant role in animation and visual effects. The course offers a theoretical and practical approach to animation, leading to successful career paths as an art director, CGI technical director, or animaker. During the course, you will learn skills in concept development, storyboarding, editing, stop-motion editing, 2D and 3D animation, post-production, and motion capture.

Australian universities also equip students with internships and opportunities to work alongside film and screen media professionals to complete capstone projects and gain skills and practical experience. After completing a Bachelor of Animation in Australia, you can opt for higher studies in animation or pursue a career as a game artist, graphic designer, illustrator, or 3D modeller. 

Master’s of Animation

A master's degree in animation is a postgraduate degree that aims to transform aspiring digital artists by building their skills and knowledge in 3D animation and visual effects. The learning program is designed and modelled on real-world production work structures in a custom-built digital production studio, engineered with high industry standards with tools and technologies that are leading the animation industry to the future. Upon completing the course, you can enter the workforce with advanced knowledge and skills while gaining experience working as a part of a professional team. 

The Master of Animation in Australia will build your skills in research methods, professional pre-production, advanced animation, and game design. Once you graduate, you can pursue careers in web design, app and web development, 2D and 3D animation, and visual effects. 

Scholarships for Studying Animation in Australia

Australian universities offer scholarships to students who need financial support or are provided based on their academic performance. Here are some top scholarships and grants for international students to pursue animation courses in Australia. 

Scholarship Name

Offered by

Awarded value

South Asia Excellence Scholarship

University of New Castle


Australia Awards Scholarship

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

100% off on tuition fees

Charlie Perkins Scholarships

The University of Melbourne

100% of fee remission and $25,000 - $75,000

Future Leaders Scholarship

RMIT University

20% off tuition fee reduction

International Merit Scholarship

University of South Australia

15% reduction in tuition fees

Jobs and Careers in Animation Courses in Australia

The animation industry is massive, and a projected job growth of 21.7% in the animation and VFX industry is expected in the next five years. A career in animation and visual effects is dynamic and will continue to evolve with the industry. You will also develop animation and VFX skills across the creative pipeline, including digital aesthetics, rigging, real-time and virtual production, 3D visualisation, and digital cinematography. Some popular careers in animation degree in Australia include storyboard artist, production designer, animator, concept artist, special effects technician, and VFX producer. 


The average salary of an animator in Australia is $98,018 annually. A graduate can earn around $86,250 annually at an entry-level position. On the other hand, an experienced-level animation graduate can make up to $105,350 annually. Thus, animators in Australia can expect a salary increment of 10% every 16 months since the country has a massive demand for illustrators and animators. However, the pay scale depends on the candidate's skills, experience, location, and qualifications. 

Top Universities for Animation Degrees in Australia

To learn more about the best animation universities in Australia, find details on the top-ranking Animation programs in the Animation Career Review: Best Animation Schools in Australia 2024 ranking below:



Acceptance rate


RMIT University



Griffith University



University of Technology, Sydney



University of Melbourne



Queensland University of Technology



Swinburne Institute of Technology



Deakin University



Academy of Interactive Technology



Australian National University


Study Animation in Australia

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Is Australia good for studying animation?

Australia has a massive demand for digital illustrators and animators. It is equipped with top animation universities that are globally recognised. In addition, The animation industry in Australia has a projected job growth of 21.7% in the animation and VFX industry in the next five years. 

What is the scope of the animation degree?

An animation degree can lead to many career opportunities as the dynamic industry will evolve rapidly. Some career paths in animation degree include VFX producer, concept artist, animator, storyboard artist, and art director. 

Is animation a successful career?

The animation industry is vast and requires considerable employment opportunities. It is one of the most concrete and lucrative, serving entertainment and educational industries. Also, the animation industry in Australia has projected a job growth of 21.7% in the animation and VFX industry in the next five years.

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