Studying  Archaeology in Australia

Introduction to studying an archaeology  degree

Studying for an archaeology degree in Australia as an international student provides a fascinating journey into the exploration of past civilizations and human history. Typically spanning three years for a bachelor's degree, the program encompasses various modules, including archaeological methods, cultural heritage management, fieldwork techniques, and interpreting archaeological artifacts.

Australia's archaeology programs appeal to international students due to the country's rich indigenous history and diverse archaeological landscapes. The curriculum often emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting indigenous cultures, making it a unique and culturally sensitive educational experience. Practical field experience is often a significant component, allowing students to participate in excavations and gain hands-on skills in archaeological research and analysis.

Upon completing an archaeology degree, graduates may work as field archaeologists, cultural heritage consultants, museum curators, or researchers. Archaeologists often find employment in government agencies, cultural resource management firms, museums, or academic institutions. The skills acquired during the program, such as critical thinking, research, and analytical abilities, are transferable to various sectors.

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Types of Archaeology Degrees

International students applying for archaeology courses in Australia can opt for degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Here is the list of the programs available at Australian universities in the archaeology stream. 

Bachelor’s of Archaeology

The bachelor's degree in archeology in Australia allows you to explore the world’s rich cultural heritage and history, uncovering past, present, and future links. You can opt for either BA or BSc in archaeology. The curriculum covers core topics, such as world archaeology, ancient rituals, numeracy, modern society, and environmental archaeology.

The honours year may include a research project designed as per your interests. Along with theoretical studies, you will also undertake laboratory and practical sessions to enhance your understanding of archaeological data analysis and interpretation. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in archaeology, you can pursue careers in cultural heritage companies, mining and energy companies, conservation organizations, and universities. 

Master’s of Archaeology

A master’s of archaeology is an extensive postgraduate degree that can be studied as a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MSc) in archaeology. During the course, you will develop hands-on experience with various supervising specialists, materials, and laboratory resources. While studying for an archaeology degree in Australia, you will understand the theories, methods, and practices of archaeological science and techniques. You will also be trained and have experience undertaking research projects in at least one branch of archaeological science. 

PhD in Archaeology

A doctoral degree in archaeology will help you understand the specialised area of archaeology through advanced research and study. The degree also involves the submission of a thesis based on original research in a specific area or topic. After completing a doctorate in archaeology, you can opt for research-level or advisory-level jobs or work as an archaeologist or heritage manager. 


Australian universities offer scholarships to students who need financial support or are provided based on their academic performance. Here are some top scholarships and grants for international students to pursue archaeology courses in Australia. 

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Griffith Family Scholarship

Griffith University


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Coursework Start-Up Scholarship

University of Sydney


Alfred and Olivia Wynne Memorial Scholarships

University of Queensland


Jobs and Careers in Archaeological Courses in Australia

Graduates in archaeology study the human past and analyze the culture through artifacts, excavation, and findings. A degree in archaeology opens a wide range of career opportunities while developing skills in fieldwork and excavation, attention to detail, and communication. Most archaeologists in Australia work in private and public organisations, such as heritage agencies, museums, research institutes, and local government. Some popular career paths include archaeologist, heritage manager, researcher, museum curator, and museum education officer. 


The average salary for archaeologists in Australia ranges between $72,000 - $94,908 annually. However, the pay scale depends on the applicant's skills, qualifications, and experience. For an entry-level position, the average salary starts at $87,125 annually. On the other hand, an experienced-level archaeologist earns around $109,067 annually. 

Top Universities for Archaeology in Australia

To learn more about the archaeology universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Archaeology programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


Australian National University



The University of Sydney



The University of Melbourne



The University of Queensland



Griffith University



La Trobe University



Monash University



The University of Adelaide



The University of Western Australia



Flinders University


Study Archaeology in Australia

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Is Australia good for pursuing archaeology?

Studying archaeology is an excellent option as the course programs are internationally recognised and offer many opportunities for fieldwork in the local community. You will learn to investigate the social, historical, and cultural contexts of your archaeological excavations. 

How much does it cost to study archaeology?

The cost of studying archaeology depends on the degree and specialisation you are applying for. The average course fee for a bachelor’s is $32,900, and for a master’s, it is $36,720. 

Which is the best university in Australia to do an archaeology course?

The Australian National University is among the best universities to pursue an archaeology degree. It offers bachelor's, master’s, and PhD in archaeology. 

Which degree is best for archaeology?

The bachelor’s degree in archaeology is one of the best in Australia. The curriculum covers core topics, such as world archaeology, ancient rituals, numeracy, modern society, and environmental archaeology.

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