Architecture Courses in Australia

Studying architecture in Australia

Architecture is the art and science of designing, planning, and constructing buildings and structures, focusing on aesthetics, functionality, human behaviour, and sustainability. The architecture courses in Australia involve a wide range of topics related to design, science, engineering, management, mathematics, logistics, and mechanics. A degree in architecture and design is available in bachelor’s (B.Arch) and master’s (M.Arch), and the subjects are delivered through lectures, seminars, and practical sessions. 

Students will learn to create highly detailed drawings by hand and via computer, gain the ability to work to deadlines, enhance communication skills, and grasp knowledge about design, planning laws and regulations. Some prominent career paths in architecture in Australia include architect, urban planner, interior designer, and architectural technologist. 

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Types of Architecture Degrees in Australia

The architecture degree in Australia comes under the Faculty of Arts, Design, and Architecture. Australian universities have modern facilities like Design Futures Lab, equipped with 3D printers and laser cutters to create miniature models you can showcase in your portfolio. Here are some of the top architecture degrees that are available in Australia. 

Bachelor of Architecture

The Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate program that teaches you about how architecture and structures are designed and their history. During the course, you will learn how to draw 3D designs by hand and using digital gadgets. In the degree, you will also learn how architectural design shapes the sustainability, inclusivity, and connectivity of the buildings and cities that impact our culture and economy. 

The classes are delivered through lectures and stimulating design studio sessions, where you can explore everything from architectural design to communications to history and theory. After completing a Bachelor’s in Architecture in Australia, you can pursue a career as a building scientist, architectural critic, interior designer, and environmental consultant. 

Master’s of Architecture

A master’s degree in architecture is an advanced program that provides education in the conceptualisation, design, construction, and representation of buildings and other structures. During the course, you will learn how to apply knowledge and skills in creative, technical, and professional areas of design and architecture. The degree offers the flexibility to enrol in a two- or three-year course where you can take elective subjects, such as digital architecture, history and conservation, and society and culture. 

You can gain creative and critical thinking skills in the architectural industry with small classroom sizes and access to facilities like the design hub, digital fabrication equipment, and computer labs. Following completion of the Master of Architecture, graduates must undergo two years of professional experience under the supervision of a registered architect and then pass the Architectural Practice Examination (APE) before being eligible to register as an architect in Australia. Some popular careers include town planner, interior and spatial designer, and building control surveyor. 

Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture, Design, and Planning)

A PhD in architecture course in Australia is an advanced degree mainly focusing on research activities. The degree comprises research and writing towards a thesis of 50,000 to 80,000 words and a study of specialist analytical methods, professional development units, and discipline-specific subjects. You can take the doctorate in any research area, like urbanism, architectural design, architecture history and theory, design, and architectural science. 


Australian universities offer scholarships and grants to international students for financial support. Here is the list of top scholarships for international students interested in architecture courses in Australia. 

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

The Abedian Foundation Master of Architecture Scholarship

Bond University

100% fee remission

Adelaide Scholarships International

University of Adelaide


Gavin Walkley Memorial Grant in Architecture

University of South Australia


Jobs and Careers

Graduates of architecture courses in Australia can enter a variety of job roles across the private and government sectors, both in Australia and internationally. They can get career opportunities in urban design, regional planning, architectural illusion, and project management. Some prominent careers include landscape architects, CAD technicians, building control surveyors, town planners, and interior and spatial designers. 


The architecture industry is one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying occupations worldwide. The average salary of an architect in Australia is around $137,817 annually. An entry-level employee can make up to $110,526 annually. On the other hand, the experienced graduates can earn around $200,000 annually. 

Top Universities for Architecture Courses in Australia

To learn more about the architecture universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Architecture programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


RMIT University



University of Melbourne



University of Sydney



University of New South Wales



Curtin University



Queensland University of Technology



University of Queensland



University of Technology Sydney



Deakin University



Monash University



Is Australia good for studying architecture?

Australia is considered one of the top destinations for studying architecture and making a career out of it. The country has a world-class education system is known for its breathtaking architectural buildings and structure, making it a perfect place to study architecture. 

What are the career opportunities in Australia after studying architecture?

After studying architecture, one can opt for different career paths in design, architecture, and management. Some popular careers include interior design, CAD technician, urban planner, and environment consultant. 

What are the top universities in Australia where you can study architecture?

The top universities in Australia where you can study architecture are the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and the University of Sydney. 

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