Education Studies in Australia

Introduction to studying an education studies degree

An education studies degree in Australia covers various modules such as educational psychology, curriculum development, pedagogical theories, and classroom management. Practical components, including school teaching placements, are often integrated to provide hands-on experience. Australia's education studies programs are a popular choice for international students due to the country's world-class education system and multicultural society.

Degrees in education are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective and adaptable educators. Upon completing an education studies degree, students can pursue roles as primary or secondary school teachers, education consultants, curriculum developers, or educational policy analysts. Graduates may find employment in public and private educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or government agencies dedicated to education.

The emphasis on practical teaching experiences during the course prepares graduates for the classroom challenges, ensuring they are well-prepared to positively impact students' lives.

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Types of Education Studies Degrees

International students applying for education courses in Australia can opt for degrees at various levels. Some universities do offer courses at the diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s levels to build foundational and practical knowledge. Here is the list of the degrees in education that are available in Australia. 

Diploma of Education

The education diploma is a pathway program to help you transition into a Bachelor of Education. During the course, you develop foundational knowledge and skills in a supportive learning environment and gain experience in the classroom, setting up for future success in studies and employment. 

After completing the coursework, you can expect careers in teaching and learning, assisting teachers in their work. You could also opt for bachelor studies in education or find a rewarding career in a private or a public primary secondary school. 

Bachelor’s of Education

The Bachelor of Education in Australia is an undergraduate degree program that provides the opportunity to build a career in teaching. The course combines various contemporary and interactive teaching and learning methods covering all aspects of becoming a teacher. While studying for a bachelor’s in education in Australia, you can opt for minor courses, such as English, Health and Physical Education, STEM, Arts, and Humanities, later specialising in any one of the following subjects like literacy, numeracy, and STEM education, developing skills and expertise as a curriculum leader. 

In Australia, you can learn through lectures and assessments, which will help you become graduate classroom ready. An education degree in Australia can work in different sectors, like private enterprises, government organisations, and community service organisations. 

Master’s of Education

The Master’s of Education is a postgraduate program that allows you to extend your expertise in education to get into leadership, specialist, or coordinator positions. The course curriculum aims to connect with the latest developments and research and gain the expertise to move beyond the classroom to explore system-level issues and challenges.

Master of Education in Australia has been built for practical applications in the real world, where you can work on capstone projects. After completing the program, it can widely benefit to get into career opportunities, such as youth workers, administrators, and managers. 


Australian universities offer scholarships to international students who need financial support in their education. Here are some of the global scholarships that are offered to international students. 

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

RMIT Ready Bursary

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

20% off on tuition fees

Sir John Monash Scholarship for Excellence

Monash University

Up to $40,000

Cambridge Australia Scholarships

The University of Melbourne

$40,000 - $80,000

Jobs and Careers

The international education sector is constantly evolving, marking a growth from $650,000 to $940,000 by 2025 at an annual growth rate of 3.8%. This will eventually generate more jobs in the education industry. Education graduates can work as teachers, special educators, principals, instructional designers, and academic managers. 

Beyond the classroom, education graduates are also available in management, administration, research, and advisory roles. These fields offer scope to contribute to improvement in the education system and help educators adapt to changing contexts and new challenges. 


The average salary for an education graduate ranges between  $74,301 - $86,988 annually. The entry-level positions with experience of one to three years make up to $74,301 annually. On the other hand, an experienced employee with more than eight years of experience can earn up to $115,985 annually. Some popular career paths include teacher, director, administrator, education consultant, and educational psychologist. 

Best Universities for Education Courses in Australia

To learn more about the education universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Education programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


The University of Melbourne



The University of Sydney



Monash University



The University of Queensland



Deakin University



The University of New South Wales



Queensland University of Technology



Australian Catholic University



Macquarie University



Australian National University


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What types of education courses are available in Australia?

Australian universities offer education courses in diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate diplomas in various specialisations. 

Are there opportunities for practical teaching experience?

Yes, many teaching courses in Australia offer student-tutor programs, assessments, and research opportunities to gain cross-dimensional skills and experience in teaching. 

How long does it take to complete a degree in education?

The course duration for each degree program is different. The course length for a bachelor’s degree is four years, and for a master’s degree, it is two years. A postgraduate diploma degree has a course duration of one year. 

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