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Introduction to studying an English literature degree

English Literature degrees in Australia delve into various genres, historical periods, and cultural contexts, exposing students to classic and contemporary works. Modules may cover topics such as literary theory, poetry analysis, novel studies, and drama, fostering a deep appreciation for the complexities of language and storytelling. Programs encourage students to think critically, articulate ideas persuasively, and engage with literature in a global context.

English Literature graduates from Australia have promising career prospects in fields such as publishing, journalism, education, cultural organizations, and communications. Courses equip students with the ability to analyze complex texts, communicate effectively, and think critically – skills transferable to various professional settings. Additionally, the program's emphasis on research and interpretation prepares graduates for advanced studies or academic research positions. The versatility of an English Literature degree ensures that graduates are well-equipped for roles that value strong communication, analytical thinking, and a nuanced understanding of human expression through literature. 

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Types of English Literature Degrees in Australia

Students interested in studying in Australia can pursue English literature at various degree levels, such as undergraduate and postgraduate.

Bachelor of Arts (English Literature)

The Bachelor of English Literature is an undergraduate program that fosters your passion for great writing and develops skills in forming critical arguments, conducting research, documenting evidence, and opening your mind to new creative ideas. You will also have the opportunity for work placements with internationally renowned journals and expand your understanding of life, ethics, and culture. After completing your degree, you can pursue various career opportunities across public and private sectors, including communications, advertising, publishing, education, and research. 

Graduate Diploma in English Literature

A graduate diploma in English course is a comprehensive study or program that brings together contemporary critical theory with literary narratives. The program focuses on critical reading, literary history, genre, and English as world literature. During the course, you will develop a deeper understanding of the theory and history behind the great pieces of literature. 

The course curriculum covers topics and subjects like medieval literature, early modern literature, British, American, and Australian Literature, and various aspects of cultural theory. A degree in English literature in Australia puts you in a strong position to explore a range of career pathways, such as author, lecturer, publisher, communications specialist, and journalist. 

Masters of English Literature

Masters in English literature in Australia is a graduate degree that typically studies written English language narratives about literature and culture. The degree is designed for research students who want to study literature at an advanced level. The course curriculum involves lectures followed by a capstone project, where you will be offered the option to write a dissertation or engage in a short research project relevant to particular professional practices. Some popular careers include English teacher, writer, journalist, and publisher. 

Ph.D. in English Literature

A PhD in English literature is a doctorate-level degree, ideal for students interested in studying literature written in English. During the research work, you will gain expertise in specialized areas where you will have the potential to improve people’s lives by understanding their culture and communication skills. 

A PhD in English literature in Australia will open up opportunities as a professional researcher in the public sector, universities, and private organisations. They can enter career fields like writing, consulting, advertising, publishing, and teaching. 

Scholarships for studying English Literature Courses in Australia

Australian universities offer students many scholarships and financial grants to support their studies. Here are some of the top scholarships and financial assistance provided to international students to pursue English literary courses in Australia:

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Gwenda Ford English Literature Scholarship

The University of Melbourne

Up to $6600

Lady Galleghan Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Australian research

The University of Sydney


International Student Support Scholarship

University of Southern Queensland

10% of fees

Jobs and Careers

English literature graduates are highly successful in grabbing career opportunities from teaching to management, journalism to advertising, public service, and all life aspects. Some of them also proceed from studies in English to specialised training in professions such as law, journalism, industrial relations, education, and media work. Some popular careers are journalist, professor, public relations officer, novelist, publisher, and writer. 


The pay scale range for English language graduates can vary depending on their skills, experience, qualifications, and location. The average salary of an English literature graduate in Australia is $96,345 annually. For an entry-level position, the average salary is $ 79,541 annually. On the other hand, the most experienced workers make up to $134,662 annually. 

Top Universities for English Literature in Australia

To learn more about the best English literature universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking English Literature programs in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


The University of Sydney



The University of Melbourne



The University of Queensland



The University of New South Wales



Monash University



Australian National University



Macquarie University



La Trobe University



Queensland University of Technology



Griffith University


Study English Literature in Australia

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Is it worth going to a university in Australia for English literature?

Yes, opting for literature degrees in Australia is a good decision, as Australia is one of the most popular destinations for university study. The degree is internationally recognised and has a broad list of subjects and specialisations depending on the area of interest. 

Why did you choose Australia rather than India to study English literature?

Australia is a popular study destination for international students. The country is known for its friendly, beautiful, and pleasant nature, with an excellent education system and a high standard of living. 

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