Studying Film Production in Australia

Introduction to studying a film production degree

Studying film production in Australia as an international student offers a dynamic and practical approach to the world of filmmaking. Degrees will cover a range of modules, including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, editing, and production management. Students can work on hands-on projects, gaining practical experience in film production techniques, storytelling, and the use of industry-standard equipment.

Australia is a popular destination for international students pursuing film production due to its renowned film schools, state-of-the-art facilities, and thriving film industry. Graduates from film production programs are well-positioned for many career paths, including roles in film and television production companies, post-production studios, advertising agencies, and even as independent filmmakers. The global recognition of Australian cinema and the industry's connections to international markets contribute to the attractiveness of studying film production in the country.

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Types of Film Production Degrees in Australia

Diploma in Film and Television

A diploma in film production involves studying film and television production fundamentals and lets you explore cinematography, editing, lighting, location, sound recording, production management, and screenwriting. During the course, you will learn and investigate the techniques and aesthetics of screen language while working on various projects, including green screen exercises and documentary production, and gain experience in crew production. 

Many Australian universities and institutes have sophisticated equipment, recording studios, and software, such as SONY FS 700s, iMac Pros, DaVinci Resolve colour grading software, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Upon completing this course, you can opt for a bachelor’s degree or a career like documentary maker, radio, or stage director. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television)

A bachelor's in film production is an undergraduate degree that develops your creative voice and the skills to make distinctive screen programs for high artistic and technical standards for all film and television production stages. The film production courses in Australia will allow you to write, direct, and edit your work with fellow students. 

You will also learn to develop advanced, practical filmmaking skills, including direction of actors, sound recording, cinematography, and other fundamental principles of filmmaking. Upon completing the course, you can apply for an Honors degree, which provides an intensive mode of study to master in specialization and create a pathway to advanced film production. Some highly demanding careers include screenwriter, editor, and director. 

Master of Film and Television

A Masters in Film Production Australia is a postgraduate program that prepares you for the diverse challenges of the industry. The degree is curated for graduates who are interested in extending their skills in different types of cinematic storytelling and film production. Master in filmmaking offers an intensive and studio-based learning experience that prepares you for professional work in the industry. 

Besides classroom experience, you will also collaborate with filmmaking professionals to gain expertise in tools and techniques used in the industry. Upon completing the course, graduates can establish themselves as artistic citizens and delve into film, television production, and screenwriting. 

Scholarships for Film Production Courses Australia

Many film and television universities in Australia offer scholarships to students to support them in their studies. Here are some of the top scholarships and financial assistance provided to international students to pursue film production in Australia:

Name of the Scholarship

Offered by

Award value

Harry Hains Memorial Master of Film and Television Scholarship

The University of Melbourne


Destination Australia Scholarships - International Students

La Trobe University


Tasmanian International Scholarship

University of Tasmania

25% off reduction in fees

Lionel Gell Foundation Scholarship

University of Melbourne


Jobs and Careers

The film industry in Australia has been thriving in recent years with stunning landscapes and diverse locations, making it a popular destination for filmmakers. Graduates of film production courses can work as directors, screenwriters, technical directors, photographers, and more. The average salary for these jobs ranges from $93,711 - $112,669 annually. 

Some of the most in-demand careers include documentary maker, radio director, stage director, and editor. Many graduates also establish their production companies and work as independent filmmakers. 


According to Jooble, the film industry salary statistics for an employee in Australia is around $86,705 annually. However, the salary rates depend on where you are employed, including your experience and skills gained. 

The average pay of a film producer in Australia is $93,890 annually. The entry-level salary for a fresher with one to three years of experience starts at $82,792 annually. On the other hand, an experienced level employee with more than seven years of experience makes up to $112,542 annually. 

Top Universities for Film Production Courses in Australia

To learn more about the best film production universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Film Production programs in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


The University of Melbourne



University of Sydney



RMIT University



Griffith University



Macquarie University



Flinders University



Monash University



Queensland University of Technology



University of Wollongong



University of New South Wales


Study Film Production in Australia

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How much does a film production course in Australia cost?

The film production course fees depend on the degree level and credits chosen. For example, the average bachelor’s degree fee is around $55,548, and the master’s degree is around $39,744.

What are the entry requirements for film production courses in Australia?

The entry requirements for film production courses in Australia depend on the degree level applying for. However, international applicants must meet the Australian universities' English language requirements. 

Are there scholarships available for film production?

Many Australian universities and institutions offer scholarships for film production. Few scholarships and financial aid provide a specific percentage reduction in course fees. Students must check the details carefully before applying for a scholarship. 

What are the career prospects after completing a film production course in Australia?

The film and television industry is vast and offers many opportunities after graduation. The film graduates can work as directors, producers, technical directors, and photographers with an average salary of $93,711 - $112,669 annually. 

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