Studying Healthcare in Australia

Introduction to studying a healthcare degree

Healthcare studies in Australia, such as a Bachelor of Health Science or a Bachelor of Nursing, typically span three to four years, and core modules cover a range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, healthcare ethics, and clinical practice. The curriculum includes hands-on clinical placements, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in real healthcare settings. Australia's healthcare education system is known for its high standards, modern facilities, and emphasis on evidence-based practice.

Graduates from healthcare programs in Australia are well-prepared for diverse career paths within the healthcare sector. Potential employers include hospitals, clinics, public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions. The healthcare field offers a range of roles, from nursing and allied health professions to healthcare management and health promotion. Typical employers include public and private healthcare facilities, community health organizations, and government health departments.

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Types of Healthcare Degrees in Australia

Diploma in Health Sciences

A diploma in health sciences is a short-term course designed to lead to a career and create a flexible career pathway in healthcare. The course curriculum comprises core topics in communication and interprofessional practices, human bioscience, contemporary issues in Australia, and research programs. You will understand the core principles of biological and social sciences and develop many skills relevant to the health environment. Some potential career options after graduating with a diploma in healthcare courses in Australia are health promotion officer, health informatician, and policy officer. 

Bachelor of Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Sciences in Australia is an undergraduate program that provides a chance to reduce health issues and help individuals in Australia and overseas lead happier and healthier lives. In the course curriculum, you will study bioscience, research, and public health topics and can graduate with expertise in subjects like epidemiology, health promotion, and disease and injury prevention. 

You will also participate in various weekly teaching activities involving lectures, seminars, practicals, and online interaction. A degree in healthcare courses in Australia for international students can prepare you for work as a health policy developer, international aid worker, medical biotechnology officer, and policy advisor. 

Master of Health Studies

The Master of Health Studies is a postgraduate study that takes the lead in a critical area of health environment. Through the course, you will study and develop skills in managing people, resources, systems, and processes with health services to meet the requirements of communities and government organisations. You will be engaged with academic and professional leaders who share their knowledge and provide insights into contemporary health management and workplace safety environments. 

After graduating, you can look forward to many exciting career opportunities in different sectors and industries, such as research studies, aged care management, health promotion, and occupational and environmental hygiene. 

Best courses in Australian Universities

Scholarships for Studying Healthcare Courses in Australia

Australian universities offer scholarships to students who need financial support or are provided based on their academic performance.

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

Western Sydney International Scholarships

Western Sydney University

$6000 or $3000 multi-year scholarship

The University of Adelaide Global Scholarships

University of Adelaide

15 to 20%  reduction in tuition fees

Public Health Asia Pacific Scholarship

The University of Sydney


The Harvey Sutton Public Health Scholarship

The University of Sydney


Jobs and Careers

The demand for healthcare graduates is increasing rapidly. Thus, international medical graduates who have completed their medical studies in Australian universities have the opportunity to find lucrative employment opportunities. According to the statistics, Health Care and Social Assistance employment is expected to grow by 15.8% by 2026. Graduates in healthcare studies can work in the following roles and sectors - health promotion officer, lifestyle and wellness professional, women’s health officer, and community engagement officer. 


The pay scale depends on the skills, experience, and qualifications gained during internships and studies. Australia's average salary for health study graduates is around $104,735 annually. The pay for entry-level positions (with one to three years of experience) starts at $75,038 annually. On the other hand, an experienced professional can earn around $160,000 annually. 

Top Universities for Healthcare Studies in Australia

To learn more about the best healthcare universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking healthcare programs in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


University of Sydney



Monash University



University of Melbourne



University of Queensland



University of New South Wales



University of Adelaide



Griffith University



University of New Castle



Deakin University



Queensland University of Technology


Study Healthcare in Australia

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What are the admission requirements for healthcare courses in Australia?

The admission requirements for healthcare studies depend on the degree level applying for. For a bachelor’s degree, the applicant must have completed Australian year 12 or equivalent and have an IELTS overall score of 6.5. On the other hand, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree with an IELTS score of at least 6.6

Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing healthcare courses in Australia?

The Australian government and universities offer scholarships and grants to international students to pursue healthcare courses. 

What is the typical duration of healthcare courses in Australia?

The course duration of healthcare studies at the undergraduate level is three years, and for the postgraduate level is two years. 

What are the career prospects after completing healthcare courses in Australia?

Healthcare graduates have multiple career options after studying healthcare courses in Australia. Some popular careers include health promotion officer, lifestyle and wellness professional, women’s health officer, and community engagement officer.

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