Studying Human Resources in Australia

Introduction to studying a human resource management degree

Studying human resource (HR) management in Australia will allow students to engage in various modules covering organizational behaviour, recruitment and selection, training and development, employment relations, and strategic HR management.

Australian universities often have strong connections with industry partners, offering students opportunities for internships, industry projects, and networking with HR professionals. The curriculum is designed to align with industry standards, providing graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for successful HR careers. Upon completing an HR Management degree in Australia, graduates can pursue various career paths in HR departments, consulting firms, government agencies, and other organizations. 

Types of Human Resource Degrees

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

A Bachelor of Business is an undergraduate degree that focuses on developing students' knowledge and skills in managing human capital in organisations. The course curriculum typically covers talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, compensation and benefits, labour relations, and legal and ethical issues in HR. 

In addition to these core HR topics, students may also study business management, organisational behaviour, leadership, and communication, which are essential skills for HR professionals. You can also gain valuable insights and career skills through assessments and internships in the industry. Careers in human resources management include human resource managers, people and culture managers, health and safety managers, and development administrators. 

Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

The Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management offers knowledge and skills, enabling you to develop expertise across the field and its issues, including employment relations and other management practices. The course curriculum comprises theoretical and practical skills covering subjects and topics such as industrial relations and law, talent behaviour and management, human capital management, and people analytics and decision-making. Depending on your career aspirations, you can get into careers like senior people advisor and HR specialist. 

Master’s of Human Resource Management

The Master of Management (Human Resources) is a postgraduate degree program that provides foundation training in business and economics and specialist training in HR. The course curriculum comprises management activities, including all criteria required to become a successful manager and leader, such as motivating and rewarding employees and developing and implementing a strategic approach to managing an organisation. 

Further, completing a human resources degree in Australia allows you to pursue career opportunities such as learning and development senior consultant, policy analyst, human resource manager, and industrial relations manager. 


Various scholarships and financial aid are available for international students willing to study in Australia. The Australian government and universities provide these scholarships and aid.


Offered by

Award value

Sir John Monash Scholarship for Excellence

Monash University

Up to $50,000

Myers Family Scholarships and Bursaries at Newman College

University of Melbourne

$2000 to $15,000

International Student Academic Excellence Scholarships

Griffith University

25% off on tuition fees

South Asia Excellence Scholarship

University of New Castle


Postgraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship

University of Technology Sydney

30% off on tuition fees

Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships

Western Sydney University

50% off on tuition fees

Jobs and Careers

The demand for skilled human resources managers is expected to increase by 16.3% by 2026. Graduates in human resource management need to have good organizational, time management, and communication skills. 

They must be knowledgeable about employee training, compensation, payroll administration, staff redundancy, and employment law implementation. Some popular career options for human resource management in Australia are human resources coordinator, director of human resources, security manager, and recruitment consultant. 


The average human resources manager's salary in Australia is $100,618 annually. Freshers can make up to $82,953 annually, while an experienced human resource manager can earn around $135,346 annually. However, the salary scale depends on qualifications, skills gained, and job location. Some popular careers in HR degrees in Australia include Employment Relations Managers, Human Resource Specialists, Organisation Development Managers, and Human Capital Specialists. 

Top Universities for Human Resource Management in Australia

Learn more about Australian universities that offer human resources management below:

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What is the cost of pursuing a master’s in human resource management in Australia?

The cost of the course varies depending on the university and degree you are applying for. The admission fee for a bachelor’s degree is $36,100, and for a master’s degree in human resource management, it is $52,448. 

What is the scope of a master's in human resource management in Australia?

A master’s degree in Human Resource Management offers many opportunities in Australia. Some popular careers include human resource specialists, recruitment specialists, organisation development managers, and human capital specialists. 

What is the duration of the human resource management course in Australia?

The course duration for a Bachelor’s degree in human resource management is three years. On the other hand, the duration of the master’s course in human resource management is two years. Diploma and graduate diploma programs offer one-year degree programs. 

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