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Introduction to studying a marketing degree in Australia

Typically spanning three years, marketing degrees in Australia are designed to equip students with a solid foundation in marketing principles, consumer behaviour, market research, digital marketing, and strategic planning. Modules often incorporate real-world case studies and practical projects, providing students hands-on experience applying theoretical knowledge to contemporary marketing challenges.

Australia provides a multicultural and vibrant learning environment, allowing students to network with peers from diverse backgrounds and develop a global perspective on marketing practices. Upon completing a marketing degree in Australia, international students can anticipate promising graduate prospects in sectors such as finance, technology, and hospitality, providing a variety of career paths for marketing graduates. Positions may include marketing coordinators, digital marketing specialists, market researchers, or brand managers. The practical skills gained during the course and the global relevance of Australian education make graduates competitive in both the local and international job markets.

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Types of Marketing Degrees

Diploma in Marketing

A diploma in marketing provides an understanding of the key concepts in marketing and terminology. Through the course, you will also learn the role and function used in marketing within organisations. The certificate degree will be available in various specialisations, such as marketing, event management, sports management and hospitality.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is an undergraduate degree that provides an in-depth understanding of marketing concepts and strategies. In Australia, a bachelor's degree in marketing usually takes three years to complete, and it offers a broad range of topics such as consumer behaviour, market research, advertising, digital marketing, and more. 

The course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to develop, implement, and measure marketing campaigns to help businesses achieve their goals. With a bachelor's degree in marketing, you can pursue a career in various industries, such as advertising, public relations, sales, and brand management. After graduation, students can opt for career options, such as marketing specialist, brand manager, social media manager and public relations. 

Master’s in Marketing

A master’s in marketing is a postgraduate qualification focusing on marketing with general management training. The program comprises various aspects, such as market research, brand management, consumer behaviour and advertising. Australian universities conduct lectures, seminars, workshops, live projects, and practical assignments to enhance the understanding and application of taught skills. During the semester, internships are also offered to employ skills in the environment and help them in their future employment. Some universities also ask for work experience during admission. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing

A PhD in marketing courses in Australia is the highest qualification, and you will be prepared to become a globally focused and socially challenged research leader. You will be involved in rigorous coursework covering theory, empirical evidence, and practical research during the curriculum. The research training conducted during my marketing degree in Australia will equip me with the skills required to identify and solve problems in the field of marketing. The coursework is followed by a thesis that showcases your research and enables you to make an original contribution. 


Australian universities offer international students various types of scholarships and financial aid based on different criteria and factors, such as academic performance, financial status, etc. Here are some top scholarships offered by universities:


Offered by

Award value

South Asia Excellence Scholarship

University of New Castle


Future Leaders Scholarship


20% of tuition fees

International Merit Scholarship

Queensland University of Technology

25% of tuition fees for first two semester

Swinburne International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship

Swinburne University of Technology 

30% off tuition fees

Jobs and Careers

After completing a marketing degree in Australia, graduates have many career paths to choose from. Digital Marketing Specialists are in high demand, leveraging their expertise in online platforms, social media, and analytics to create and execute digital marketing campaigns. Another common avenue is to become a Marketing Coordinator, where graduates assist in executing marketing campaigns, coordinating events, and managing promotional activities.

Marketing Research Analysts conduct in-depth analyses of market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitive landscapes to provide valuable insights to businesses. At the same time, Brand Managers are responsible for developing and maintaining a brand's identity and positioning. Other opportunities exist for graduates to pursue roles in public relations, advertising, content marketing, and social media management, depending on individual interests and strengths.


Entry-level marketing positions, such as marketing coordinators or assistant market researchers, may offer annual salaries ranging from AUD 50,000 to AUD 70,000. These roles often involve supporting marketing campaigns, conducting market research, and assisting in developing promotional strategies. As professionals gain experience and move into mid-level roles, such as marketing managers or digital marketing specialists, salaries can increase to the range of AUD 70,000 to AUD 100,000 per year. 

It's important to note that the industry in which a marketing graduate works also influences salary expectations. For instance, sectors like technology, finance, and healthcare tend to offer higher salaries than other industries.

Top Universities for Marketing in Australia

To learn more about the best marketing universities in Australia, find details on the top ranking Marketing programs in the EduRank Guide 2024 below:


University Name

Acceptance Rate


University of Sydney



University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



University of Queensland



Monash University



Queensland University of Technology



Griffith University



University of Technology, Sydney



Deakin University



Curtin University


Study Marketing in Australia

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Is Australia a good place to study marketing?

Yes, Australia is a good place to learn marketing because the universities are internationally recognized and are taught by high professionals. In addition, the cost of living is low compared to other countries, providing a safe, relaxed, and multicultural environment. 

What types of branches of marketing courses are available in Australia?

Marketing courses in Australia are available in many disciplines, such as diplomas in marketing, graduate diplomas in marketing and public relations, master’s in marketing, finance and accounting, marketing communication, etc. 

What career opportunities are available after completing a marketing degree in Australia?

Graduates in Australia can opt for various career options after completing their marketing degree in Australia. Several companies and government organisations hire graduates for posts like marketing manager, brand manager, social media marketing assistant, etc. 

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