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Introduction to studying a mathematics degree

Mathematics is an area of study that includes numbers, formulas, equations, shapes, spaces, quantities and their changes. It plays a vital role in understanding and increases your problem-solving skills.

Studying for a mathematics degree in Australia as an international student offers a comprehensive and globally recognized education. Typically, a bachelor's degree in mathematics spans three years. Learning is designed to provide a strong foundation in core mathematical concepts such as calculus, algebra, and statistics while allowing for specialization in areas like applied mathematics, pure mathematics, or mathematical physics.

International students can anticipate promising career prospects upon completing a mathematics degree in Australia. The analytical and critical thinking skills honed during the program make graduates highly sought after in industries seeking quantitative expertise. Potential employers include financial institutions, government agencies, research institutions, and technology companies. With a mathematics degree, international students in Australia position themselves for roles such as data analyst, actuary, research scientist, or software developer, illustrating the versatility and value of mathematics education in the contemporary job market.

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Types of Mathematics Degrees in Australia 

Many Australian universities offer various degrees in various disciplines. These programs are available in undergraduate or postgraduate. Some universities also offer certificate courses to help you understand the subject better. 

Bachelor of Mathematics

A bachelor of mathematics is an undergraduate program that provides you with analytical skills and knowledge. You can study and implement logic, mathematical modelling, experimental design, and more through the coursework. Australia's bachelor of mathematics covers subjects like applied mathematics, operations research, computational science, and financial mathematics, where you can use the skills of logic, technology, and creativity to make a difference in society. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics can take you to varied and ground-breaking places. Some career paths include mathematician, financial analyst, statistician, and algorithm engineer. 

Master’s of Mathematical Sciences

A master’s of mathematics is a postgraduate degree that offers flexibility to upskill in mathematics, data, science, and statistics. During the course work, you will learn to demonstrate the capacity for independent thinking and develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. You will also learn about the contemporary problems and breakthroughs in global mathematics research. After graduating with a master’s in mathematics in Australia, you can prepare to become a part of advanced mathematics research in the industry. 

Doctorate in Mathematics

A doctorate in mathematics is the highest level of degree that requires students to conduct original research and write a thesis. Doctorate graduates can specialise in various areas, such as algebra, topology, and number theory. Australian universities design the coursework for PhD in mathematics in Australia to equip students with advanced analytical and research skills. You will work closely with a supervisor to develop an independent research project. 

After completing PhD in mathematics, one can pursue an academic career as a university professor. You will also find opportunities in government agencies, research and development, and consulting firms. 



Offered by

Award Value

Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Mathematics and Statistics

The University of Sydney


Global Curtin Scholarships- Merit Scholarships

Curtin University

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Tasmanian International Scholarship

University of Tasmania

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Jobs and Careers

By studying maths and statistics, you improve your critical thinking skills that employers value. Mathematics graduates in Australia can have many career options, such as cryptographers, research scientists, and data scientists. 

With a bachelor’s of mathematics in Australia, students can get into career options like mathematician, mathematics teacher, and inventory manager. Students with master’s and doctoral degrees can opt for research careers or work as scientists. Overall, career choices in mathematics are endless.


The average salary of a mathematics graduate in Australia is $92,548 annually or $47.46 hourly. The average payscale for an entry-level position with 1 to 3 years of experience is $83,448 annually, whilst an experienced mathematician can earn around $114,043 annually. 

Top Universities for Studying Mathematics in Australia

To learn more about the mathematics in Australia, find details on the top ranking Mathematics programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024 below:



Acceptance rate


The University of New South Wales



Australian National University



The University of Melbourne



The University of Sydney



Monash University



The University of Queensland



The University of Adelaide



Queensland University of Technology



The University of Western Australia


Study Mathematics in Australia

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What is the typical duration of a mathematics degree in Australia?

The course duration of mathematics depends on the degree you’ve chosen. A bachelor’s degree has a course length of three years, and a master’s degree length of two years. A doctorate can range from three to four years. 

How much does it cost to study mathematics in Australia?

The course fees for international students studying mathematics in Australia are around $39,100 - $44,500 for a bachelor’s degree. The fee can vary depending on the number of credit scores of the subject. 

What are the career prospects for mathematics graduates in Australia?

Mathematics graduates in Australia can opt for career paths like actuarial scientists, data scientists, operations research analysts, and investment traders. 

Are there scholarships available for mathematics students in Australia?

Many Australian universities offer scholarships to international students to help them cover their financial needs. Some notable scholarships include the University of Sydney's Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Mathematics and Statistics. 

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