Studying Politics in Australia

Introduction to studying a politics degree

Politics is a study of social science, also called political science, and comprises topics and subjects related to international relations, political economy, public policy, public administration, philosophy, and political methodology. The course teaches you how the government works and helps you explore the major issues that affect the modern world. 

Typically spanning three years for a bachelor's degree, modules often include political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy analysis. Students may also be able to specialize in political economy, human rights, or environmental politics. Politics coursework is designed to comprehensively understand political structures, ideologies, and the global dynamics that shape political landscapes.

The popularity of a politics degree in Australia is also influenced by its stable political environment and role in global affairs, and international students will benefit from exposure to the vibrant political landscape of the Asia-Pacific region. A politics degree from Australia equips students with analytical, research, and communication skills, preparing them for various careers in government agencies, international organizations, think tanks, journalism, and public advocacy.

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Types of Degrees in Political Science Courses in Australia

Australian universities offer various types of degrees in political degree programs. These courses are available in diploma, bachelor's, master’s, and research. You can also opt for certificate degrees that provide a basic understanding of the subject. Let’s look at the top politics degree in Australia for international students. 

Bachelor of Political Science

The Bachelor of Political Science is an undergraduate degree that gives you a theoretical and practical understanding of the political field. During the coursework, you can apply concepts and theories used to study politics in Australia and analyse ideas and behaviour to evaluate political phenomena. You will also be allowed to communicate and debate verbally and in writing and work with others using various media. 

Master of Politics

A Master of Politics is an advanced degree that comprises coursework and research. By studying for a master's in political science in Australia, you will know power intimately and acquire the insights and skills necessary to better society and the world. You will also understand and participate in responsible decision-making through the course. Graduates with a political degree can get opportunities to work as policy analysts, diplomats, business leaders, consultants, politicians, and public servants. 


Scholarships offered by Australian universities cover finances, such as tuition and travel expenses. Here are some top scholarships in political science for international students. 

Scholarship name

Offered by

Award value

CDU Global Merit Scholarships

Charles Darwin University

30% of the tuition fees

Australian Government RTP Scholarship (International)

The University of Sydney


Monash International Leadership Scholarship

Monash University


Jobs and Careers

A career in political science degree in Australia will teach you how to become a thinker and know about government policies, rules, and regulations.

Graduates in political science are employed in various sectors, industries and occupations. You can also get into government and policy, defence, intelligence services, foreign affairs, business, arts and media. Some graduates have the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills while studying, making them more competitive in advanced practice, management, and other strategic roles.

Alternative career options include public relations, media, and sales. Other political graduates continue to study (research or coursework) or decide to increase their knowledge by excelling in any other discipline, such as international business, law, and business.


An entry-level position (with 1 to 3 years of experience) in politics or political science can find jobs as a policy analyst, diplomat, public relations officer, and government research officer. The average salary can range from AUD 75,000 to AUD 94,598. On the other hand, an experienced and skilled person in the political field can earn around $166,400. Graduates in political science can get jobs in sectors such as the federal government, foreign embassies, Australian Business Councils, and finance sectors. 

Top Universities to study Political Science

To learn more about political science courses in Australia, find details on the top-ranking political science universities in Australia in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024



Acceptance rate


Australian National University



The University of Sydney



The University of Melbourne



Monash University



The University of Queensland



The University of New South Wales



Griffith University



La Trobe University



Macquarie University



RMIT University


Study Politics in Australia

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What type of politics courses are available in Australia?

Degrees in politics are available in various specializations, such as bachelor of philosophy, economics, and global business and politics. You can opt for diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s programs in political science. 

Why should I consider studying politics in Australia?

Through political science, you will be exposed to different ideas and diverse views of political and community leaders.  The course teaches you how the government works and helps you explore the major issues that affect the modern world. 

What career opportunities are available for politics graduates in Australia?

Political graduates can grow careers in federal, provincial, and local governments, non-governmental organizations, NGOs, and private sectors or even start businesses in relevant fields. Some exciting careers include diplomats, government research officers, and public relations account executives. 

How long does it take to complete a politics degree in Australia?

Each degree has a different course duration. For example, completing a bachelor’s degree in politics takes around three years. On the other hand, a master’s degree in political science takes about one to two years to complete.

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