Le Cordon Bleu Australia

Location Australia
Established 1992
Famous For Hotel Management


Le Cordon Bleu Australia was established in 1992 in South Brisbane, Australia. It has partnered with the International College of Hotel Management and TAFE SA to provide an international diploma in hotel management. The campuses are located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

The main objective of Le Cordon Bleu is to provide higher education along with various educational media, such as culinary publications, instructional videos, TV series, and more. Le Cordon Bleu offers internationally recognized culinary arts and hospitality management courses to domestic and international students. The university has marked its presence in 20 countries, with over 40 international schools attended by 20,000 students annually.

Services for International Students

Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers on-campus students various facilities, including 16 fully equipped commercial and specialty kitchens, dining rooms, food science labs, computer rooms, and bars. 

The campus library comprises an extensive collection of books, journals, video materials, and research facilities. Le Cordon University also has an Adult Education Unit that provides educational support and assistance with the English language.


Le Cordon Bleu offers students a wide range of accommodation facilities, such as homestays, private rentals, hostels, and boarding houses. Each accommodation offers a different package of services at varying weekly rates.

About Location

Le Cordon Bleu's Adelaide campus is in the city's heart, while the Sydney campus is in the suburb of Ryde. Sydney is a major culinary and hospitality hub, and the campus provides students access to a dynamic food scene and industry opportunities. Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne is located in an area renowned for its diverse and innovative culinary landscape, making it an exciting location for students pursuing culinary arts and hospitality management.

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