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Studying abroad is an exciting prospect, particularly when considering the high-quality education, enriching lifestyle, and promising career prospects it offers while residing in another country. However, the financial aspect often poses a significant barrier when contemplating such a journey. Thankfully, Australia provides accessible and affordable scholarship opportunities to support your dream of studying abroad.

Scholarship in Australia for International Students

Australia offers scholarships, grants, and financial aid that can slacken off your fear of financial burden. These scholarships mainly cover your tuition fee and living expenses, partially or fully. In addition, there are different categories of scholarships, such as government-funded, university-specific, and other private scholarships.

scholarships in australia for international students

Types of Scholarships in Australia

There are six main types of scholarships to study in Australia, which are as follows- 

Merit-Based Scholarships 

This scholarship is solely based on merit or academic performance. However, the educational qualifications might vary depending on the university you are applying to. Chancellor’s Scholarships, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships, Dean’s Scholarships, etc. fall under this category. 

Sports Scholarships

This scholarship is for students who are good at sports. The criteria for the scholarship might vary depending on the type of sports you are playing. So, whether you are a recreational or national player, you have scholarships for both. 

Faculty and Departmental Scholarships

It is a merit scholarship but is specified for a particular course program—for example - Engineering Scholarships, Architecture and Design Scholarships, etc. 

Government Scholarships

Under the government scholarship scheme, the Australian Government offers four types of financial assistance to students -

Accommodation Scholarships

Students who do not meet the merit criteria for financial aid can apply for accommodation scholarships. This covers the room and board expenses of the student. 

Undergraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Scholarships and grants will be a boon if you plan to study undergraduate programs in Australia. Here are some of the top undergraduate scholarships in Australia for international students -

1. Australia Awards Scholarships

It is one of the best fully-funded Australia Scholarships for International students. These scholarships allow people from developing countries (Indo-Pacific countries) to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate courses at participating Australian Universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutions. 

The eligibility for Australia Awards Scholarships 2023-24 are -

2. Carnegie Mellon University Scholarships

These are fully-funded scholarships designed for international students planning for master’s programs. The scholarship covers tuition fees and other expenses. The value of the scholarship amount depends on the duration of the master’s. 

3. Monash University Scholarships

Monash University is one of the best universities for engineering. The Monash University Scholarships offers a tuition fee waiver of $10,000 for international students throughout the degree program. It is provided to suitable undergraduate and postgraduate students, depending on their academic performance. 

The eligibility for this scholarship is as follows -

4. Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to international students undertaking undergraduate study at Melbourne University. The scholarship provides either a $10,000 tuition fee remission in the first year of the UG course or a 50/100% fee remission for three years of an undergraduate degree. It offers around 1,000 scholarships to students each year. 

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship program are -

5. UTS Vice-Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Sydney offers 100% scholarships to students enrolling in undergraduate course programs. It covers 100% of the tuition fees for the course duration. Interested students must apply online to avail of the scholarship. 

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship program are -

Australian University Scholarships

1. UNSW International Scholarships

The University of New South Wales provides a variety of scholarships and awards for international students applying for UG and PG programs. Scholarships cover your tuition fees, while some get stipends to help with the costs of your study. 

2. Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships

The scholarship offered by Charles Darwin University is limited to a certain number of scholarships ranging from 20 to 25 per cent. Candidates who have excellent academic records can also apply for the scholarship. 

3. La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES)

AES is among the best Australian University Scholarships for overseas students. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can enroll for this scholarship. It is valid for a maximum of two semesters. 

4. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

This scholarship encourages students to apply for Research programs, such as a postgraduate research degree or a master’s by Research Program. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses for up to three years, with a one-semester extension option for PhD students. 

5. Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

The Griffith Remarkable Scholarships apply to students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It covers half of the tuition fees taken from the tuition costs for the length of the program. 

Australian Government Scholarships

The Australian Government offers several scholarships for international students. However, you can contact our SI-Australia consultant to learn more about the updates and information about these grants. 

1. Australia Awards Scholarships 

The Australia Awards Scholarship is a long-term financial aid awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These scholarships allow people from developing countries (Indo-Pacific countries) to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate courses at participating Australian Universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutions. 

Applicants who want to apply for the scholarship program must sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia declaring that they will follow the guidelines and instructions of the scholarship. Scholars must leave Australia for at least two years after completing the scholarship. Please do so to avoid debt for the total accrued cost of the grant. 

2. Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)

AGRTP Scholarships are specifically designed for international students undertaking a higher degree at Australian Universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, a living stipend, and overseas health coverage. It is one of the most popular scholarships to study in Australia

Note: The Australian Government Research and Training Program is a Commonwealth Sponsored Scholarship for visa purposes.

The scholarship is awarded to students with academic excellence and is tenable for up to three years for a Research Doctorate and two years for a Research Master’s degree. 

3. ACU Destination Australia International Scholarship

The Australian Catholic University Destination Australia International Scholarship rewards undergraduate, diploma, pathway, and postgraduate students based on academic achievements. It covers half of the full-time fees for the minimum duration of the course. 

4. Endeavour Scholarships

It is a merit-based scholarship given by the Australian government. It is offered to students who want to study master’s or doctoral-level programs in Australia. Applicants must be a native of the America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, or the Pacific. 

Scholarships by the Australian Embassy

The Australian Embassy offers scholarships to undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and MBA students. To avail of the scholarship, the applicant must have an exceptional academic record with at least 50% marks. The Australian Embassy offers scholarships enrolled in UG, PG, MBA,  or PhD programs offered by the following universities -

1. New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

It is a partial-funding scholarship program for international students offered by the Australian Government. The value of the scholarship is $20,000. 

2. John Allwright Fellowships in Australia

It is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Australian government. This scholarship can be taken for pursuing all degrees related to agriculture. 

3. Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS)

The Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship is a partial-funding international scholarship offered by the Australian Embassy. This scholarship can be taken by students pursuing medicine courses. The scholarship value per year is $10,000. 

Fully-Funded Australian Scholarships for International Students

Name of the Scholarship

Degree Levels

What is covered

Australian Awards Scholarship

Certificates and PhD level

100% tuition fee, airfare, living costs, OSHC, and Allied Expenses

Research Training Program (Australian Government)

Postgraduate (research-based)

Tuition fees, OSHC, Living Stipends, and Allowances related to the ancillary cost of research degrees.

Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship (Deakin University)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate 

Tuition fee and priority-on-campus accommodation (at the student’s own expense)

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships (La Trobe University)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

100% tuition fees

JCU Vice Chancellor’s International Student Scholarship (James Cook University)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

$40,000 per year

How to get a scholarship in Australia

Applying for scholarships in Australia is a simple process. However, meeting the required eligibility criteria is essential. Every scholarship has a different eligibility condition. More scholarships are offered based on IELTS scores. Getting a scholarship involves completing the application form and submitting the necessary documents. 

Things to remember for getting a scholarship accepted in Australia

Here are a few things to remember when applying for a scholarship or grant. Following these steps will increase your chances of getting a scholarship quickly -

Scholarships in Australia FAQ

What are the best scholarships to study in Australia?

Some of Australia's best scholarships to study are Australia Awards Scholarships, Griffith University Scholarships, Queensland University Law Scholarships, etc. 

How can I apply for a scholarship in Australia?

The scholarship application process is usually online. Students can speak to an SI-Australia consultant to learn more. 

What are the requirements to get a scholarship in Australia?

The applicant must have an excellent academic record and pass standardized tests for MBA programs, such as TOEFL/IELTS and GRE/GMAT. 

Can I get 100% scholarships in Australia?

Yes, Australia offers fully-funded scholarships to its international students. It covers tuition fees, living expenses, etc. Some top fully-funded scholarships are - Australia Awards Scholarships, Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships by (La Trobe University), Research Training Program, etc. 

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